Tom’s platform consists of traditional, current and new considerations for Catholic education


•  Vocations for future priests, nuns, deacons etc. are vital for the future development of our Catholic church and our Catholic educational system.  Let us make vocations at the Dufferin-Peel District School Board an educational priority for the next ten years.

Reintroduce cursive writing for elementary and or high school students

• Cursive writing is an effective way to communicate for all students.    However, many local high school students struggle to hand write their own signature, therefore they resort to print their names.  The following are examples where hand written signatures are required.  A driver’s license, a credit card, passport, mortgage etc.   Furthermore, many employers still require reliable hand writing skills as a prerequisite for employment.  I believe it is in the best interest to teach students to learn proper hand writing skills, both at the elementary and high school level; in addition to being computer literate.

School Resource officer in our high schools

•  Tom supports community police officers in our high schools to protect and assist students, teachers, staff and school visitors.

Student safety

• Regular spot checks of vehicles used by our Board to transport students, should be mandatory and paid for by the applicable bus company and or vehicle supplier.
•  Water/swimming safety training is necessary for all students.

Financial literacy training for both elementary and high school students

•  Teach some basic financial concepts that can be understood at the appropriate grade level, be it for elementary and or high school students.

•  Elementary students should learn about what an allowance is, what to do with birthday or confirmation money they may receive, open their first bank account etc.

•  High school students need to learn about more advance money management concepts.  For instance, the various costs involved in owing a car, the fees involved to attend college and or university.   Students need to learn and understand that some government tax deductions will be taken from all future paycheques they earn.

•  Senior high school students need to learn the pros and cons of owning credit cards.

•  High school students should be taught about basic concepts involving Investments that may include a traditional GIC, equites and Bonds etc.

• What about the costs involved for a down payment for rental accommodation to the purchase of a house, the role of Interest rates and of course the type of expenses involved to raise a family.  These are issues that high school students will face in the coming years.  So, let’s train our students from an early age about financial literacy matters.

School funding issues

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board should consider alternative ways to raise necessary funds, for school repairs and ongoing maintenance expenditures for its 149 schools that the Board is responsible for.  In my opinion the Board needs to initiate new financial opporunities to meet their respective short and long terms expenditures.  One possible solution to raise necessary funds is to have the Board issue School Board Bonds. 

Municipal governments  throughout Canada and the United States have in the past and at present issued  Bonds.  For instance, the Region of Peel has in the past issued raise necessary revenue to pay for Infrastructure development. The city of Toronto and Ottawa have issued Green Bonds for environmental initiatives for their respective municipalities.